Beautiful hand dyed yarn.


We love colours and we know how to play with them....

We are adding to our ORPHANS page - single skeins left over from a dye batch. They're looking for a new home.

Royd Moor is high up on the Yorkshire Pennines. We're surrounded by farmland, woods, animals and beautiful countryside. It's from here that we take the inspiration for the colours that we create for our yarns

We have a peacock in the village who often visits the garden and many of the blue colours are inspired by his plumage.  

It will probably explain why there are quite a few blues and greens amongst the colours dyed.

Sunsets and sunrises. Amazing colours....and we try and incorporate the ideas from nature into our colour combinations.

We will feature the newly dyed colours for you as soon as they have dried and they will be available for sale on the different yarn pages.

We hope you love the colours and the colour combinations.

Enjoy every stitch.


Have great fun knitting the yarns