ROYD MOOR YARNS - Hand Dyed Yarn from Yorkshire
Welcome to ROYD MOOR YARNS for beautiful hand dyed yarn

Wonderful yarns hand dyed to create exclusive and unique colours. The
  "My Little RMY World" page previews the newly dyed colours  to be added to the ROYD MOOR YARNS website.

Yarns are posted out to the UK only


New colours and yarns are added to the Royd Moor Yarns collection regularly.
It's always worth a quick look on the website to see the new colours and the different yarns available.
A new consignment of cashmere yarns are being dyed in small batches and added to the website as soon as they are dried and labelled ready for purchase.

 As with all hand dyed skeins, there can be differences from one skein to another. This is the beauty of hand dyed yarn. Each skein has been created by hand and the yarns take up the dyes with subtle variations from one skein to the next.

The  "My Little RMY World" page will give you some idea as to what is happening at Royd Moor Yarns. I photograph some of the places which give me the inspiration for the RMY colours. Some ideas translate into dyed yarns for the website. Others are just ideas that may spark a new combination of colours. 
 Although some of the yarns are happy to be washed in a machine - some of the sock yarns - we do recommend hand washing in order to maintain the colours from the hand dyeing. All our labels suggest hand washing as the best way to maintain the yarns.There may be a small run off of dye when you wash the yarn so we recommend hand washing separate from other items. 

Each of my yarns is hand dyed in lovely colourways, from the subtle hues and tones of blues and purples, to a rainbow of reds, greens, oranges and yellows.Every skein is hand dyed by me and then dried as naturally as possible, usually to be seen on the line in the garden facing Royd Moor. 

All of my hand dyed yarns are unique.I dye small quantities of yarn so that ROYD MOOR YARNS has new dye-lots added regularly to the collection of yarns for sale.
 The skeins are named and also have a dyelot number so that customers can be sure that their skeins have the same dye base although with hand dyed yarns, there are small variations from skein to skein.
A single skein can go a long way. It can be incorporated into a piece of fair isle,  or it can be a project on its own.  Many yarns are used to knit luxurious scarves, shawls and socks. The yarns are wonderful to knit with and gorgeous to give as a present.
Payments are made through Paypal as a secure form of payment. 
Customers wishing to pay by cheque, please e-mail for details.
 An invoice can be e-mailed to you and the address to which you can send the cheque. Yarns are posted out once the cheque clears.
As always, have great fun knitting and many thanks for purchasing from me.
Royd Moor is high up in the Yorkshire hills. The wind whips across the moor. Perfect for line drying Royd Moor's hand dyed permitting. Part of the garden looks out across fields to the windmills. When the rain is coming, we can see when it reaches the windmills, which gives us about five minutes or so until it reaches the garden. Just enough time to bring in the yarns.
This is Henry, one of the wild peacocks who has joined the Royd Moor hennies in the garden.
And this is Isabella, his mate.
The wild peacocks spend a lot of time in the garden. The male peacock has inspired many of the newly dyed colours. Pictures of the peacocks and hens are all featured on the "My Little RMY World" page.

The hens are totally free range and can be seen in the background of some of the photos of the Royd Moor Yarns when the yarns are drying out on the line in the garden. 
They often feature on the RMY World page - they're not much good at dyeing yarn, but they always brighten up my day.


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