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One of the best things about exclusive hand dyed yarn is that it is precisely that... exclusive.
Each of the hand dyed colours are one-off skeins. They cannot be repeated and they are special for the customer who wants a wonderful hand dyed yarn that no one else will have.
We're all individual and when we put so much time and effort into knitting, then we should have the option of working with gorgeous hand dyed yarns that are produced just for us.

I add new colours and yarns to the Royd Moor Yarns collection regularly.
I don't have a set time or day for adding the new colours. As soon as the yarns are dyed and fully dried, I add them to the website. Whenever possible I will post a preview on the opening page of the yarns that are ready to be added or have already been posted on their page.

When the weather is poor for drying, the yarns are hung up over the aga as I don't like to leave the yarns damp with the hope that they will dry in a damp breeze. 

I love creating new colour combinations but I regularly put together the colours that I know Royd Moor Yarn friends and customers are looking for. 

As always, have great fun knitting and many thanks for purchasing from me.

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