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Garter Stitch Cushion Cover

It is fantastic to see so many more people knitting. I've come across people who used to knit when they were very small and have only just got back into knitting and new knitters who are starting out and really enjoying the fun of a ball of wool and a pair of needles.

As I dye a lot of random shades and colours in the yarns, new knitters ask what they can knit that isn't too challenging and isn't a straight scarf (although you can never have too many scarves!).

I've put together a very easy pattern for a garter stitch cushion which I've been knitting in sock yarn because it's so readily available, both as hand dyed yarns and also machine manufactured. I've also taken into account how much people can hate sewing something up (thank you to Millie, Ellis, Jo, Georgia and Liz for their input on this) ...

so the sewing up is incredibly easy.

So here goes....

This is what the cushion looks like when it's finished.

I've used sock yarn because I have quite a few random colours in my collection but you can used any 4ply yarn but you will need approximately 400m of it. 

I've used 4mm needles because for a new knitter, the smaller needles can be a wee bit daunting. And on 4mm needles, the cushion will grow quite quickly.

The random colour changing effect of the sock yarn keeps the knitting interesting, without having to work out how to do different stitches or cables. That can come a little bit later, using exactly the same pattern. And it's great for TV or film knitting. You don't have to watch every stitch. Multitasking...

The pattern

You will need 100g of sock yarn or 4ply yarn.

Check that there is about 400m of yarn in total. 30m of yarn more or less won't matter

4mm needles

A wool needle for the sewing up

A cushion pad about 45cm x 45cms. (I bought mine from Amazon but my favourite are the Dunelm ones that have duck feather and down in them for about £4.99 - they give a really good shape)

Cast on 85sts on 4mm needles. 

Knit every row until you've got to almost the end of your yarn.

Cast off loosely. Leave a lon tail - this can be your first sewing up thread.

It'll look like you've made a short, thick scarf.

Myrtle the hen is helping to demonstrate...

Fold your piece of work in half - there isn't really a right side or wrong side with garter stitch.

Start with the long thread you've left from the casting off and just sew through the "nodules" that stand proud either side of the knitting. Don't worry about it being too exact but don't pull too tightly. As long as the two edges meet, it'll be fine.

Do the same for the other side.

Then, put your cushion inside the pouch.

And sew up the cast on row and the cast off row together.

To make sure I have it even, I have a sewing wool line starting from one side and also one from the other side, so that I don't end up with a bunch of knitting that doesn't match the other side.

So there are no zips to put in, it's very easy. I don't know about you, but my cushions don't need endless washing. And when you're fed up with one colour of cover, just snip the sewing stitches, take out the pad and put another cover on your cushion.

I hope you enjoy your cushion making. It's fun and it's great to have them around the house.

I've been making up quite a lot of random colours and it's time for me to group them together.

Anything that I can help you with, let me know ... happy knitting!