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This is a really easy pattern to use up lots of leftover scraps or balls of yarn. 

I called it the Heirloom Blanket because once I started sewing the squares together, I had people asking me if I would make a blanket for them too. But the first ones were for my own children to keep. 

It is best if you use the same thickness of yarn for your blanket, ie. all sock yarn and 4 ply, or two strands of laceweight yarn knitted together OR all DK. This is so that all the squares are more or less the same size when you sew them together. But if you have lots of small balls of yarn, just knit the squares and keep them for 2 separate blankets.

It’s a lovely reminder of all the different things that you’ve made (many of which you might have given as gifts). And the squares are like swatches to remind you of the colours.

You only need 1 pair of 4mm needles. If you prefer, knit all the squares on 3.75mm or smaller, depending on whether you are a loose or tight knitter.

4mm seems quite a big needle for sock yarn but it does work and gives a little bit of drape to the squares. It also makes the blanket quite lightweight.

The Pattern

Each square.....

Cast on 35 sts leave quite a long tail for the sewing up - about 25cms

Row 1 : K1 P1 repeat to end of row

Row 2 : P1 K1 repeat to end of row

Row 3 : P1 K1 repeat to end of row

Row 4 : K1 P1 repeat to end of row.

Repeat these 4 rows until you have knitted 39 rows.

Then cast off in pattern on the 40th row.

Leave another long tail for the sewing up.

I do like to give each of my squares a tiny bit of a press, not to iron out the double moss stitch pattern, but so that I can make sure each square is more or less the same size for sewing up.

Collect your squares, play with the order that you would like to sew them together and enjoy the colours.

For sewing up, I use the long tails from the cast on and cast off.

And I use a very simple running stitch that just catches a stitch from each square. I have a tendency to pull the yarn too tight when I'm sewing up, but it actually looks better when the sewing up is a gentle meeting of the edges of each square.

I like to arrange my colours in similar groups but a glorious multicoloured blanket is on my list.

Plus I have a huge stack of oddments of yarn from over the years that I'd like to make use of.

Hope you have fun with your blanket. Any questions, I'm always happy to answer them.